Gaston GT 200Ah/12V SMF battery


Higher efficiency
more durable
200AH Battery
10 Hours
Free maintenance



When reliability is paramount in your battery choice, Gaston is one of the few brands you can place a bet on. The 200Ah 12V Gaston battery is designed for power backup for inverters and other power systems, where performance and reliability are prime. If the 200Ah 12V battery capacity is adequate for your purpose, the Gaston GT 200Ah/12V SMF battery is built to withstand the rigors of regular use
There are many inverter battery brands in the market now, but only a few stand out in performance. A battery brand that consistently delivers impressive performance in power backup efficiency and durability is what users want. Batteries are pretty expensive now and you want to be sure you get value for all that money!

The only way to gain real value is when the battery delivers extended power backup and long life performance. The Gaston battery brand is one of the few battery brands that can be truly labeled as reliable and durable. Users over the years attest to that awesome performance, because Gaston lasts and lasts. Unless you choose to abuse your battery!

The Gaston GT Range 200Ah/12V SMF battery is designed with Gaston battery technology and constructed with high performance plates. The compact, shock-proof structure and non-spill able construction are important quality factors. Yet, the key value factor for the Gaston battery brand is their long life design. Gaston batteries, if properly used, will give years of diligent service. If you’re don’t mean to throw money down the drain in your battery purchase, the Gaston brand is one battery brand you can put your money on.


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