High Frequency Hybrid Solar Inverter PH1100 PRO Series (4-6KW)

  • Wide range of MPPT voltage:120-500V
  • Multiple operation modes: Grid-tie,off grid with storage backup
  • Support LCD display&Smart LCD setting
  • Available Export control CT sensor function
  • Multiple communications:USB,RS485,GPRS and wifi etc
  • Monitoring inverters freely via computers or mobile phones
  • Full protection function:Over-voltage,over-frequency, over-current, over-temperature,and AC short-circuit automatic protection
  • Intelligent BMS battery management function
  • Fanless low-noise design
  • IP65 Dust-proof and water-proof



PH1100 PRO Hybrid Solar Inverter is an excellent product that provides a sustainable and reliable solution for your energy needs. The product offers multiple operation modes, including Grid-tie and off-grid with storage backup, making it suitable for all types of energy requirements. Additionally, the product is rated IP65, which means it is both dust-proof and water-proof, ensuring a long-lasting and durable system.


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